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Pilates is a specific strength building practice that balances the musculoskeletal system of the body. Originally developed by Joseph Pilates, his classical method still holds much of the brilliance now as it did when he developed it.


My approach to Pilates incorporates my experience as a dancer and a deep anatomical understanding of the body as a whole. Trauma, surgery, accidents and injuries can create a distortion in the body where healing and strength are based in compensation. Eventually these compensations lead to other injuries or create stress on the internal viscera. When left un-checked this can often lead to chronic pain or dysfunction in the organs, musculoskeletal, myofascial and nervous systems, sometimes years later. Pilates offers a way change the pattern at the most intrinsic level through neuromuscular connections; strengthening what is weak and relieving what is over worked. By strengthening the body at it's base, like a house everything built on it will translate force in the most efficient manner. 


My approach to Pilates incorporates my experience as a dancer and a deep anatomical understanding of the body as a whole.


Sessions are specific to the individual and can benefit anyone at any level. I have experience working with beginners advanced movers, professional dancers, scoliosis, hip replacements, osteoporosis, knee surgery, ankle surgery, prosthesis, frozen shoulder and shoulder dislocations, sciatica, osteoarthritis, hip impingements, S.I. dysfunction, pregnancies, pelvic floor dysfunction, achilles ruptures, neuropathy, and ehlers-danlos.

My Pilates Certification from The Kane School of Core Integration in New York City incorporated learning both Joe's classical repertoire and biomechanics to facilitate the body learning from any level. In addition to studying with Pilates masters Kelly Kane, Madeline Black and Jean Claude West, I spent 3 years learning and working next to the brilliant physical therapists at Westside Dance Physical Therapy in New York City, renown for their work with NYCB. It was there that I learned the beauty of transitioning patients from physical therapy to pain free functionality and the specificty that the body craves when navigating out of injury. I bring this background and information into sessions. This is helpful when physical therapy no longer meets the goals of the patient or when chronic pain does not dissipate even with a at home exercise program.

Unlike other forms of movement therapy, Pilates has the potential to create lasting strength.